Promotional Brochures

Business publications take on different forms. As brochures they can guide and direct an unfamiliar audience. They must be appealing, friendly but above all be functional for the user. What works well for the end user will reflect back positively for the client. As with all forms of communication, having as solid a grasp as possible on the interests and attitudes of the audience is an essential first step in the design process.

The tourism publications to the right are a case in point. Both are actively promotional as well as functioning user documents, for which they have to take responsibility.

The first job is naturally getting noticed–but in a positive way that signals clarity and purpose. Simple bright colour and bold graphics do this well but they can not be gaudy or self indulgent. Effective and coherent typography is a must and goes a long way in making an strong initial statement to the reader.

Creating maps such as these require different skill sets but follow the same common sense rules that apply to any good marketing initiative.

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