Capability Brochures

Large format brochures are often favoured for corporate communications where it's important to present a strong image while delivering the companies core message. To look and feel impressive at first glance is critical to how a potential client feels about doing business with the company. It's often that all-important "first impression" that registers well before a single word is read or page turned.

These kinds of projects require tight integration from beginning to end, from solid initial client research through copy writing and image selection to printing and production. Having a design firm, like ours, that can take on full responsibility to manage all of those elements is reassuring to clients.

This 7"x 9" 10-panel brochure that rolls out to 35 inches. Such a format is useful for laying out the story in a predictable, highly controlled way.

A subdued, subtle cover gives way to 3 colourful section intro pages (one of which appears here). In the end the entire interior 5 panels (4 represented here) are seen as one comprehensive and complete document.